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Flotation cell stator

  • High wear-resistant rubber molded out, resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Rubber material, formulation aiming at different slurry PH
  • Small specific gravity, high operation speed, improving processing capacity of about 20%

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Flotation cell stator

Advanced design technology, wear and corrosion resistant materials, prolonging the service life 2 times

Stators and rotors of floatation cell are designed by adopting advanced technology (CAD, UGS) and the die forming of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber. Resistance to wear and corrosion, prolonging the service life 2 times

Formulating corresponding products according to the slurry pH

The stators and rotors are customized by choosing wear – resistant, corrosion resistant, oil proof and heat resistant rubber according to slurry PH of mineral processing plants.

Small specific gravity, high operation speed, improving processing capacity about 20%

Flotation cell stators and rotors made of wear – resistant rubber with small specific gravity improve operation speed and processing capacity about 20%

Product FAQ

What is the role of the stators?

The stator is actually called the cover plate, used in conjunction with the rotor, which is beneficial to formulate negative pressure to suck slurry, improve the circulation, and plays the role of guiding.

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