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Xinhai-A Famous Rubber Manufacture

2015-12-11 | Browse the number (6057)

Xinhai is a famous rubber manufactures in China, India, Uk and the world.if you looking for a reliable rubber manufactures,Xinhai is your top priority. Xinhai wear-resistance rubber has a great reputation in the world. Xinhai wear-resistance rubber’s natural rubber content reach 95%, wear-resistance is No.1, CST evaluate as “international lead brand and NO.1 wear-resistance performance”.

It is made by the wet mixing, it can lined in pump, flotation machine, valve, and hydrocyclone, it can improve the equipment life. Xinhai rubber also has good corrosion resistance, it can used is 3~13 ph environment. Xinhai team can design the rubber plate according to you material character and capacity, we are considerate manufacturer. Xinhai also manufactures equipment fittings with good quality, those fittings are made by xinhai wet wear-resistance rubber, it has good wear-resistance, and make your equipment has a new look.

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