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Oil proof rubber sheet

  • Oil proof rubber sheet, strong resistance to wear and ageing
  • Various kinds of Oil proof rubber sheet
  • High elongation, high hardness

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Oil proof rubber sheet

Resistance to oil, wear and ageing; strong performance

The main materials of oil proof rubber is NBR which contains polar nitrile, which keep stability to the non-polar or weak polar mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil, liquid fuel, solvent, etc. This rubber owns excellent resistance to ageing and wear widely applied to mining, oil field, oil machine, etc.



Various kinds of Oil proof rubber sheet

There are various kinds of Oil proof rubber sheets, such as pure rubber sheet and the rubber sheet used to clamp cloth and metal frame worker layer. Xinhai also provide different color rubber sheet to meet the needs.


High hardness, highest working temperature 80℃

Xinhai oil proof rubber sheet possesses high hardness, 710% elongation, excellent sealing ability and certain expansive property. Its long-time using temperature is in -30~80℃.

Product FAQ

Could chloroprene rubber sheet be replaced with oil proof rubber sheet?

oil proof rubber sheet cannot replace the chloroprene rubber sheet in some cases. In the flame, ageing, and acid situation, chloroprene rubber is better than NBR; in oil situation, NBR is better. In other cases, oil proof rubber sheet can replace the chloroprene rubber sheet.

Products parameter

Xinhai N55 physical performance

Physical performance

Xinhai N55 rubber

An international famous brand N55 rubber

Tensile strength MPa



Elongation %



Tear strength N/mm



Tensile set%



Resilience %



Hardness A



Wear resistance index %






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