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Chloroprene Rubber Sheet

  • Emulation polymerization production
  • Heat resistance, the highest temperature up to 160℃
  • Wide application

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Chloroprene Rubber Sheet

Strong comprehensive performance, wide application

Xinhai Chloroprene Rubber Sheet adopting the technology of emulationpolymerizationstrengthens the performance to resist oil, heat and ozone etc.




Heat resistance (160℃)

Chloroprene Rubber Sheet with 233~258℃ decomposition temperature could resist high temperature. Under -30~90℃, it has a long service life, but under 120~160℃, a short-time service life.



Chloroprene Rubber Sheet wide application

 Chloroprene Rubber Sheet which has wide application is used for making transmission belt, conveyer belt, wire, cable, hose, rubber sealing ring, raw materials of adhesive production etc. The clients could choose different chloroprene rubber sheet according to the conditions. For more details please consult Yantai Xinhai Wear-resistant Rubber Co. Ltd.

Product FAQ

How to improve the tear strength of chloroprene Rubber Sheet

Chloroprene Rubberis self-reinforcement rubber, enhancing the tearing strength by decreasing carbon black.

How to improve the hardness of chloroprene Rubber Sheet?

Some methods to enhance the hardness: increasing the vulcanization agents, adding resin and hardening filler, rubber plastic blending, etc.

Notes: store in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse, keep from pressure and cluster.

           1 year storage period

Products parameter


Chloroprene Rubber





Molding method

Extrusion type

Products performance

Tensile strength (MPa):14.7~19.6

Elongation at break (%)


Resilience (%)


Compression ratio (%)


Long – term operation temperature (℃)


Maximum operation temperature (℃)


Brittle temperature (℃)


Oil resistance (mineral oil)


Oil resistance (animal and vegetable oils)



Electricity, electronic, stamper

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