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Cyclone unit

  • Computer selection, efficient operation of cyclone
  • Cyclone lined with wear – resistant rubber, prolong the service life
  • Excellent quality rubber valve, stable feeding for cyclone unit
  • Free collocation according to the specific conditions

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Cyclone unit

Computer selection improve the accuracy and classification efficiency

Xinhai hydrocyclone unit adopts computer to select model. As long as the users fill in the relevant parameters, the program will choose the most suitable cyclone to make the operation more efficient and meet the requirement of classification.


Wear – resistant rubber wet parts, protection for cyclone, prolong the service life

Xinhai cyclone unit lined with Xinhai 35 rubber prolong the service life. In practice application, the service life of Xinhai cyclone unit is 1 times longer than normal cyclone unit’s.


Unique inlet valve design, stable feeding

Xinhai hydrocyclone unit with reasonable structural design is very convenient. In addition, the cyclone unit with Xinhai independent R & D improved knife gate valve, each cyclone feed port are installed, used to control the feeding condition, ensure the stability of mine.


Free collocation according to the specific conditions

Xinhai hydrocyclone unit is composed of arbitrary number and models cyclones with flexible collocation. Computer selection maximizes the performance according to user needs.

Product FAQ

Why is the hydrocyclone overflow separation efficiency low?

1、Fluid flow of entering the cyclone and processing flow of hydrocyclone is too small, which leads to low cyclone classification efficiency.

2、 The unreasonable design of cyclone also leads to classification efficiency.

3、There is a sting in cyclone will affect the resulting low separation efficiency of centrifugal separation;

4、Particle diameter need to concentrate and separate is too small to manage which can also cause low separation efficiency.

How to solve the underflow with small particle

The classification efficiency of normal hydrocyclone is generally not high between 50-60%, the better reaches between 70-80%. Generally there is the underflow with small particle. Under the normal feed particle size composition, the underflow with small particle can only control to 10-15%.

Users can also reduce pressure and feeding concentration, and narrow the size of underflow mouth to solve this problem.

Why the overflow of hydrocyclone comes and goes?

Main reason is the instability pressure. Pressure is less than 0.2-0.3 kg without overflow. Pressure fluctuations mainly are due to slurry tank liquid level instability. You can turn off the one or two cyclone, and then turn down feeding valve. After liquid level becoming stable, appropriately turn up cyclone feed pressure, proposed to maintain more than 0.6 kg.

Product parameter

Specific gravity correction parameter

Specific gravity
























The specific gravity of solids is not 2.73, for example: iron ore accounted for 4.5, using 0.7 multiply the selection as shown in the table D100

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