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Three kinds of vibrating screen and feature

Three kinds of vibrating screen and feature2013-12-10

Vibrating screen reciprocating motion is produced by motor excitation. The vibrating screen is used for screening power

Xinhai bonding agents

Xinhai bonding agents2013-12-05

Xinhai bonding agents are composed of three parts: the metal primer: XD-1 or Chemlok 205; bonding agents: adhesive XZ-1,

Two preparations in rubber bonding

Two preparations in rubber bonding2013-12-03

In the rubber bonding process, there are two important steps before bonding. The one is template manufacture; the other

DDG200 Electric Grid Screen

DDG200 Electric Grid Screen2013-11-28

DDG200 electric grid screen is composed of parallel steel bars also known as the lattice. Lattice bars is connected by b

Xinhai Rubber Bonding Process

Xinhai Rubber Bonding Process2013-11-26

Xinhai rubber bonding process makes the Xinhai rubber bond more firmly with other materials.

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