Xinhai bonding agents
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Xinhai bonding agents

By:Yantai Xinhai Wear - resistant Rubbrt Company
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Xinhai bonding agents are composed of three parts: the metal primer: XD-1 or Chemlok 205; bonding agents: adhesive XZ-1, hardener XG-1; active agents: XH-1, XH-2. Adhesion between rubber and metal skeleton is achieved by these three parts cooperation. Excellent collocation of the three parts makes the relationship between rubber and steel plate too strong to break.

Bonding agents and active agents

Bonding agents and active agents need lining workers to make up

1. Surface active agents preparation

Make up active agents by the proportion of 2.5 L XH-1 and 50g XH-2. The steps: Pour the XH-2 into the container with XH-1; tighten the lid and shake a few minutes. Make sure evenly mixed. The mix solution is valid for a weed, so please prepare the mix solution according to the usage. Activating agent is used to activate natural rubber plate surface increasing the polarity of natural rubber to enhance the bonding effect.

2. The preparation proportion of bonding agents

Make up by the proportion of 5 L XZ-1 and 150g XG-2 (100: 3.75) and mix evenly. The mixed solution with the validity of 4 hours at 25℃ should be prepared according to actual usage, and use timely.

Notes: The hardener is used to improve the bonding agents by chemical crosslinking, and improve the degree of adhesion between metal and rubber and the heat resistance of bonding agents.

The storage and use of bonding agents

The bonding agents are flammable, so it must be stored the place with far away from fire, cloudiness, ventilation and temperature lower than 25 degrees. Please avoid the impact and vibration in the process of transportation. Bonding agents’ service life is only a year, please run out timely. The brush used for primer and bonding agents should be soaked in toluene to prevent hardening and stored in the fire safety cabinet.

Notes: Wear protective gloves and safety glasses when using Xinhai Bonding agents series

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