DDG200 Electric Grid Screen
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DDG200 Electric Grid Screen

By:Yantai Xinhai Wear - resistant Rubbrt Company
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DDG200 electric grid screen is composed of parallel steel bars also known as the lattice. Lattice bars is connected by beam, and the structure is quite simple.  Electric grid screen is used for coarse grain materials classification of mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, and especially plays an important role in sand roughing screening.

Mode meaning

DDG200: DD—— single layer motor  G——grid screen  200——grid spacing(mm)

Working principle

Grid screen is installed on the top of crude ore bin to ensure the feeding particle size of coarse crusher is suitable called prescreening. The vibration motor drives the screen box vibration in a certain vibration frequency. The big bulk materials are shaken out the crude ore bin.

Installation and Commissioning

1. Find the right location of screen box when installation, and fix the connective parts

2. The minimum clearance between the screen box and the surrounding fixtures ≥80mm

3. Taking empty load operation for 4h, then taking load operation for 4h after ensuring normal working

4. If the temperature rising is less than 65 ℃ and normal working for each part, the machine could be used in production

5. Every time starting machine, operator must check all parts of equipment in good condition and fasteners without loose

6. Starting machine fist, then feeding after stable vibration

7. Stop feeding and ensure no material on the screen surface when operator wants to stop the machine

8. In case of emergency stopping, please manually remove screen surface material

9. Overhaul of equipment once a year

Lubrication and Maintenance

The two lubrication points of this machine require to oil twice per week (grease lubrication). In every year replace a new lubricant in vibrator bearing parts. Pay attention to the protection of the vibration motor preventing water splashing into the vibrating motor.

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