The classification and features of agitation tank
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The classification and features of agitation tank

By:Yantai Xinhai Wear - resistant Rubbrt Company
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Agitation tank is widely applied in mine fields and a kind of necessary equipment in dressing plant. There are many brands of agitation banks in the market, and the clients do not know how to choose and which one is the most suitable. This article will show you a full and systematic introduction of the agitation tank

1. The uses of agitation

The main function of agitation tank is to mix materials. What is the purpose of mix materials?

1) A mixture of two or more kinds of liquid, in order to obtain a uniform mixed liquor

2) Dispersion and mixing two or more immiscible liquids, in order to obtain emulsion

3) Mixed gas and solution

4) The solid particles suspended in solution

5) Accelerate the chemical reaction, heat transfer and mass transfer

The agitation is the essential step of metallic and nonmetallic ore dressing, wet smelting, rare and precious metal leaching extraction

2. The structure of Agitation Tank

1) Container of stirred liquid is agitation body

2) Main axis component is a rotating vertical axis with stirrer (stirring wheel)

3) Motor and gearing

4) Auxiliary components including the frame beam, inlet and outlet tube, guide rectifier cycle device (circular cylinder), tank wall plate etc.

3. Agitation tank model and naming method

1.China's current agitation tank model naming method was issued by National Machinery Industry Bureau in 2000, but manufactures hardly use the naming standard machine.

2.There are many naming methods of agitation tank. Taking Xinhai Agitation tank as an example, GBJ-1000×1000, G is high efficiency; BJ is Agitation tank; Diameter is 1000mm.

4. Application of Agitation tank

Slurry Agitation Tank: agitating the slurry before flotation, so that makes mineral particle suspension and full contact with chemicals, mixing preparing for flotation

1. Agitation and storage tank: mixing and storage slurry. It is emphasized that clients need large Agitation and Storage Tank in conveying black, non-ferrous metal slurry and coal slurry by pipeline

2.Lifting agitation tank: Both the mixing and promotion function, lifting height can reach 1.5 meters. Mainly used in mineral processing plant when pulp flow height is not enough.

3.Agent Agitation Tank: used to make agents for flotation plant. Agitation tank liners vary from the agents properties. Xinhai Agitation tank is bonded Xinhai Wear – resistant rubber, which resists corrosion of all agents.

Agitation is not very expensive but useful. The suitable agitation would improve production efficiency and bring more benefit.

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