Practicability of Wear – resistant Slurry Pump
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Practicability of Wear – resistant Slurry Pump

By:Yantai Xinhai Wear - resistant Rubbrt Company
2013-11-07 | Browse the number (3684)

Many people know the big uses of slurry pump in mine. What kind of slurry pump is the most practical? The answer is Wear – resistant Slurry Pump.

Slurry pump is important conveying equipment which is applied in mine, tailings dry stacking, electric power, chemistry and other conveying fields. But China slurry pump structure is unreasonable causing easy wear of wet part and some sealing problems because of the backward technology.   

Xinhai creatively improves the structure of slurry pump which reduces the wear and prolongs the service life. Xinhai provides a new direction of slurry pump development becoming lighter and easier to assemble. What is worth mentioning, Xinhai used the wear – resistant rubber by them developing as liners of the slurry pump. The excellent performance of Xinhai rubber resists wear and reduces leakage more effectively. The on - site data shows that: the service life of Xinhai wear – resistant slurry pump is two times as long as normal slurry pump’s.

Wear-resistant slurry pump can effectively solve the wear and leakage alloy slurry pump. Through the practical application, wear-resistant slurry pump has gotten good evaluations. In the future mineral processing industry, there will be more and more dressing plants choose the rubber slurry pump.

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