Creative design of Y – Ball valve
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Creative design of Y – Ball valve

By:Yantai Xinhai Wear - resistant Rubbrt Company
2013-11-21 | Browse the number (4747)

Y – Ball valve is one of the important parts in conveying system, which takes charge in switching the material flow direction in pipe by changing the valve spool location to control the open and close of the oil port, and determine the direction of the materials flow.

The normal change valve is used by taking one working and the other valve preparing to ensure the normal operation of the mineral processing plant, and reduce the problems caused by the unexpected shutdown. Most dressing plants use this common change valve, and its biggest drawback is that needing to switch two valves to complete spare production which is easy to cause the blockage. In order to avoid the occurrence of such situations, many mining enterprises take double pump & double pipelines to solve the problem, but this method makes the pipeline cost increase, and it is not the best solution.

Yantai Xinhai Wear – resistant Rubber Company develops Y – Ball valve aiming at this problem.

Ball valve is the most prominent design of Xinhai Company. The ball in the valve will move between two valve openings by fluid pressure to finish the two valve commutation without personnel or computer controlling. The Y – Ball valve completely solve the blockage problem which always causes shutdown.

Xinhai Y – Ball valve is lined Xinhai rubber which could efficiently prolong the equipment service life basing on the excellent performance (resistance to corrosion and wear). Natural rubber latex is mixed with Nano-Additives and then become solidification avoiding shearing and heating. Nano-Additives mixed faster and more uniformly, only a small amount of additives and the simple mixing, natural rubber content reaching 97%. Normal temperature and high frequency induction heating, internal and external heating, vulcanize rubber uniformly. The wear index reached 128%, the resilience rate of 76%, elongation at break of 886%.

Xinhai Y – Ball valve with rubber liner solves the big problem by the lowest cost.

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