Introduction of Xinhai Wear – resistant cyclone
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Introduction of Xinhai Wear – resistant cyclone

By:Yantai Xinhai Wear - resistant Rubbrt Company
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The hydrocyclone, a common classifier, is designed according to the centrifugation and sedimentation theory. When the two-phase or three-phase mixed liquor is fed into hydrocyclone through feeding opening, the mixed liquor can form a three-dimensional and oval and strong rotating and tangent cyclone. Considering that there is a particle size difference between fine and coarse ores, the majority of coarse ores precipitates to bottom in a spiral trajectory by the action of centrifugal force, centripetal force, buoyancy and fluid resistance, etc, and then is discharged. Fine ores form a cyclone, move up and then overflow through the overflow outlet.

Xinhai hydrocyclone lined with wear – resistant rubber is divided into common type and special type including dozens of specifications. All cylinders are manufactured in section for easy to install and replace.

Hydrocyclone is widely used, and the LCⅡhydrocyclone is commonly used in mines. Therefore, we focus on this type of hydrocyclone

A kind of cyclone of feeding along the direction of involute

Xinhai Company develops LCⅡhydrocyclone of advanced world level. The involute feeding opening enormously increases centrifugal force and classification efficiency and decreases abrasion of feeding box.

Hydrocyclone is the promising equipment for classification. The involute feeding opening can lessen the impact abrasion caused by ore pulp. The ratio of volume and cone, and the insertion depth are scientific and increase classification efficiency. The involute feeding opening can greatly eliminate the turbulent flow and render the ore pulp move stably. As a result, the classification performance is dramatically improved.

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