A set of mineral processing equipment for magnetite—with Xinhai innovative and low-cost technology
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A set of mineral processing equipment for magnetite—with Xinhai innovative and low-cost technology

By:Yantai Xinhai Wear - resistant Rubbrt Company
2013-12-26 | Browse the number (3302)

With twenty years development, Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company has become the most comprehensive company with the strongest comprehensive power. There are thousands of professional technicians and 6 mining research institutes in the company. They have repeated researches and tests for the problems in the mining industry. In addition, they have developed and improved 80% of mining equipment.

According to those mineral processing problems for magnetite, they developed a full set of mineral processing equipment for magnetite with rich professional experience. The high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment sets an example among the private mining machinery factories.

1. Ultra-fine laminating autogenous mill with high efficiency for processing magnetite

A jaw crusher is the first step to make the materials be broken into uniform small pieces. Make the size of 350-750mm reach 160-200mm. Then an ultra-fine laminating autogenous mill with high efficiency will be used. Compared to the traditional mills, Xinhai autogenous mill has a large handling capacity of 2500 tons/day. Under the circumstance that an autogenous mill is equipped and the maximum particle size is up to 160mm, the particle size is as follows: -200 mesh accounts for 45%; +200 mesh~to 2mm accounts for 45%; -2mm~6mm accounts for 8%; +6mm~10mm accounts for 2%. The processing capacity of accessory ball mills can reach 2500 tons/day, which is 217.39% of conventional ball mills. During the discharging process of autogenous mills, products (-200 mesh, account for 45%) get through the hydro-cyclone and skip ball mills and directly enter next processing stage. 

The essential component is a cylinder with bigger diameter and smaller length which is slowly revolved via transmission machinery. Materials are fed into central sleeve where ores are fully grinded due to the falling impact and autogenous grinding. Ore materials which are eligible for the particle size standard and pass through grid plate are discharged from another side of central sleeve, with the aid of overflow water.

2. Tailings discarding and classification in advance

Because the particle size of the products is fine, a strong magnetic separator with 4000-5000e can be used for tailings discarding in advance.

In the first stage, the pulp is grading with hydraulic cyclones. The insert materials of sieve plates and cyclones are the abrasion resistant rubber which is developed by Xinhai with the technology of liquid phase nanometer formula • ordinary temperature high frequency curing.

In the second stage, ball mills and cyclones constitute a closed circuit to regrind.

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