The prosperity of mining machinery markets
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The prosperity of mining machinery markets

By:Yantai Xinhai Wear - resistant Rubbrt Company
2013-12-31 | Browse the number (3289)

Iron is the first metal to be found in the world. Besides, it also has the widest application and the most dosage. Its consumption accounts for about 95% of total metal consumption. The iron ore is mainly used for the steel industry to smelt pig iron and steel with different carbon contents. The steel products are widely applicable to various departments of national economy and daily lives. They are the basic materials of social production and public life. Since in the 19th century, steel is always the most important structural materials and also takes up an extremely important place in the national economy. Thus, the production, variety and quality is considered as an important sign for national industries, agriculture, national defense and the development of science and technology.

There are two kinds in mining: open pit mining and underground mining. Since in the 1980s, many open pit mines have changes its mining ways. But because of the poor working conditions and the transportation problems, the production is restricted to improve. Thus, they achieved great achievements in explosive equipment and technologies. Though more than 40 years infrastructure construction, China has built 204 iron mines, of which there are 44 key mines and 160 local state-owned mines. Former Soviet Union was a country with the richest iron ore. Its total resource is 51.7 billion tons and its industrial reserves are 28.1 billion tons. Brazil is the second with 26 billion tons of total resources and 16 billion tons of industrial reserves. Canada ranks third with 26 billion tons of total resources and 10.9 billion tons of industrial reserves. And in Australia, there are 18.1 billion tons of total resources and 10.7 billion tons of industrial reserves. In addition, America, France, Sweden and South Africa also have abundant iron resources.

With the development of our national economy and the influence of international economy, the demands of iron are great. According to the prediction of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the sales revenue of high-end manufacture in 2015 will be twice than that in 2010. What is more, the export tax of equipment manufacture will be free. All those bring a new prosperity for mining machinery industry.

Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company develops innovative equipment with a world-leading level. In 2010 and 2011, Yantai Xinhai ranked first by virtue of more than 20 patents every year. And Xinhai developed a technology of liquid phase nanometer formula • ordinary temperature high frequency curing. Xinhai rubber is honored as the king of abrasion resistant rubber, and widely used in the field of mine, coal washery, building materials, chemical, heat power plant, sand and gravel plant, etc.

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