The leader in rubber industry—Xinhai abrasion resistant rubber
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The leader in rubber industry—Xinhai abrasion resistant rubber

By:Yantai Xinhai Wear - resistant Rubbrt Company
2014-01-02 | Browse the number (4799)

Natural rubber has wide applications due to a series of physical and chemical characteristics, especially including excellent resilience, insulating, impermeability and plasticity, etc. In addition, after appropriate treatment, it also has several precious features, such as oil resistance, acid proof, heat resistance and abrasion resistance, etc. There are close relations with a variety of industries. At present, the products made by full natural rubber or part of rubber have reached more than 70,000. Xinhai abrasion resistant rubber adopts a unique technology of liquid phase nanometer formula • ordinary temperature high frequency curing. With this excellent technology, this kind of rubber has advantages of excellent abrasion resistance, intensity and elasticity.

The rubber industry is developed with the automobile industry. With the rapid development of the automobile industry and petrochemical industry in the 1960s, the production level of rubber industry has made great progress. Rubber products are necessary in land, sea and air transportation. As a transportation tool, a tyre is a major fitting part. In recent years, rubber products have been used in numerous fields, such as sound proof floor, rubber carpet and waterproof materials, etc. Meanwhile, the use of rubber products in the industrial department is more. And the main products include belt, hose, sealing washer, cots, rubber plate, rubber lining and labor protection necessities, etc.

Through many years research, Xinhai independently developed the abrasion resistant rubber with super abrasion resistance, good resilience and high stretchability. Xinhai rubber is honored as the king of abrasion resistant rubber, and widely used in the field of mine, coal washery, building materials, chemical, heat power plant, sand and gravel plant, etc. The most important point is that Xinhai possesses considerable experts in minerals. They have a good understanding about kinds of abrasion resistant materials. What is more, Xinhai rubber can be made into rubber sheets in different thickness, and users can cut and adhibit the rubber sheets optionally according to the shapes of the abrasion resistant parts (such as pipelines, funnels, chutes, rollers, etc.). Besides, Xinhai Rubber produces all kinds adhesive, primer, hardener and surface-active agent. People can not separate rubber sheets from steel after cold bonding.

The content of natural rubber in Xinhai abrasion resistant rubber can reach 95%, so it keeps excellent characteristics of natural rubber. The natural rubber is the best abrasion resistant materials.

With unique technologies, Xinhai discovered excellent powder auxiliary agent, coagulating agent especially. It adopts advanced nanometer reinforcing technology and introduces advanced equipment from America for surface treatment of nano materials, which makes the combination between natural latex and auxiliary agent more firm and uniform. The coagulators used by Xinhai can better coagulate the mixture of natural latex and nano materials into solid state.

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