Wear – resistant rubber slurry pump PK alloy slurry pump
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Wear – resistant rubber slurry pump PK alloy slurry pump

By:Xinhai wear - resistant rubber company
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Slurry pump mainly is used to convey solid and liquid mixture , so it is required to be lined with wear and corrosion resistant materials to resist the impact , abrasion and corrosion that caused by the slurry .

Slurry pump can be divided into two categories according to the liner material: one is the alloy slurry pump lined with gray cast iron, black cast iron or other wear-resistant metals; the other one is wear-resistant rubber slurry pump with wear - resistant rubber liners.

Advantages of alloy slurry pump : the material of alloy slurry pump impeller is hard. The impeller is not easy to deform under high speed, thus obtains high head

Disadvantages: wear – resistant metal with big specific gravity is difficult to replace. Bad wear resistance and short service life

Advantages of rubber slurry pump : excellent wear resistance, long service life, vast application, light weight, simple installation

Disadvantages: Rubber material is relatively soft; high speed may cause deformation, so the head is not very high

To sum up, the rubber slurry pump owns low head and high wear resistance; alloy slurry pump, high head and low wear resistance.

In order to combine the both advantages, Yantai Xinhai wear – resistant rubber company develops the double stages rubber slurry pump with high wear resistance and head

High head: double stages rubber slurry pump is developed basing on the theory “the same flow of multi stages pump, head superposition”. The materials go through the primary pump to pressure then entering the second stage pump to boost pressure, and therefore the double stages pump owns two times head than single stage pump.

High wear resistance: on the one hand, single stage pump only provides half head. The wear is less because of lower speed of impeller. On the other hand, double stages pump is lined with wear – resistant rubber which prolongs the equipment service life and widens the application of rubber slurry pump.

With its high head and perfect wear resistance, double stages rubber slurry pump will take the first place in slurry pump industry.

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