Y - Ball valve without blockage
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Y - Ball valve without blockage

By:Xinhai wear - resistant rubber company
2013-09-24 | Browse the number (4079)

Y - Ball valve is the specialized equipment to change the flow direction of materials in materials transport system. It controls the closing and opening of the oil ports to decide the materials flow direction by changing the spool position with wide application in mine industry.

In the process of material transportation, people usually adopt double pumps double pipes in order to ensure the dressing plant normal working and avoid accidents. One pump as backup, the other pump keeps working. But when people want to switch the pump, they need to switch the two valves to complete operation which usually leads to blockage and stopping production.

In recent years, the unblocking Y - ball valve becomes popular developed by Xinhai wear – resistant rubber company. The valve does not need manual control, which push the spool to the other pipe sport by the slurry pressure. By this way, the valve solves the blockage problem.

The specialized design Y - ball valve also solves the stopping production because of blockage. Only a spool can control the direction change which saves the investment cost.

The Xinhai wear – resistant rubber as liners of the valve owns the twice service life than other wear – resistant materials, which reduces the frequency to replace the valve and labors shortening the timescale.

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