Reduction of cavitations erosion and wear ----- Xinhai wear – resistant slurry pump
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Reduction of cavitations erosion and wear ----- Xinhai wear – resistant slurry pump

By:Xinhai wear - resistant rubber company
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When slurry pump works, curved blades drive liquid rotation. Liquid is thrown to the edge from the impeller center because of centrifugal force, and then flows out through a pipeline. With the constant slurry flowing, vacuum is formed between the slurry pump impeller and the suction pipe center. Under pressure, slurry continuously is sucked in slurry pump forming stable slurry flow.

Cavitations are a significant cause of wear in some engineering contexts. Collapsing voids that implode near to a metal surface cause cyclic stress through repeated implosion. These results in surface fatigue of the metal causing a type of wear also called "cavitations".

When the pressure of import of slurry pump impeller is reduced to the gasification pressure, some liquid would become bubbles, and the gas dissolved in the slurry will be dissolved out. These bubbles are brought to the high pressure place and rapid condensation resulting in serious water hammer phenomenon. Water hammer can generate great instantaneous pressure to damage parts surface and cause corrosion of the slurry pump surface. Cavitations causing serious harm for slurry pump which working a long time under slightly cavitations are not allowed.

Yantai Xinhai wear – resistant rubber Co., Ltd. uses Xinhai wear - resistant as slurry pump liners, which can greatly reduce impact, wear and corrosion caused by cavitations. The service life is two times as length as that of ordinary slurry pump.

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