Reasonable selection of slurry pump
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Reasonable selection of slurry pump

By:Xinhai wear - resistant rubber company
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Slurry pump is mainly used for the slurry transport. How to let the slurry pump function fully? The key is to select suitable slurry pump according to different condition, which can prolong the service life of the pump and save energy.

Reasonable selection can improve the operation efficiency of the slurry pump. When the pump is running, the best point of the curve is determined by the characteristic curve of pump in the specific speed and pipeline characteristic curve in the specific flow, and to ensure the operation in balanced base of pump head and pipeline loss head.

The intersection of characteristic curve of pump and pipeline determines the work flow, head, efficiency and power consumption. So the improper selection of intersection will lead to evacuation, cavitations, speeding up the wear of pump part, efficiency dropping and motor overload etc..

Two key points of reasonable selection of slurry pumps: suction conditions and output conditions.

Suction conditions:

Selecting the appropriate suction conditions is the key to ensure the pump can work normally. During pumping the slurry, any pressure in the system must not be allowed to be lower than the temperature of the vapor pressure of liquid. Therefore, the pump intake must have sufficient pressure which can overcome the pressure loss of intake and pipeline, and ensures the slurry is continuously fed into the impeller. Don’t let the air into the impeller, or the slurry continuity will be damaged. If the pipe entrance and impeller are blocked, it would prevent a lot of slurry accessing.

Output conditions:

The requirements of ensuring the working point near the highest efficiency point: slurry pump allowing working scope is the design flow (Q) between 0.6 ~ 1.2, the reasonable scope of work recommended in between 0.7 ~ 1.1 Q. The best working point is the design point or near the design point, and deviation is the smaller the better, the best working on the left the maximum efficiency point.

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