How to solve common problems of slurry pump?
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How to solve common problems of slurry pump?

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     Pump is widely applied in the mineral processing plant, which provides the motivation of pulp conveying. Here are two kinds of slurry pumps that we will introduce to you—alloy slurry pump and submerged slurry pump.

     In the mineral processing, it is evitable that slurry pump meet different problems. Then, we will explain how to solve these common problems of slurry pump:

Alloy Slurry Pump

1. Why do not the slurry pumps absorb the slurry?

(1) Reason: Impeller is damaged

Solution: Replace a new impeller

(2) Reason: suction pipe blocked

Solution: Unclog the pipe

2. Some tips before using slurry pump:

Pumping clean water lasts 30 minutes to wash off the slurry in the pump and pipes before closing the pump;

Closed end pump outlet valve;

Stop it from the end pump to the first stage pump step by step, then close the corresponding seal water and cooling water;

Close the inlet valve of the first stage pump;

Don’t close all levels of the pump when the outlet valve keeps opening, otherwise it is easy to damage pump and pipe fitting.

Submerged Slurry Pump

1. What are the reasons that cause impeller blocking of the submerged slurry pump?

(1) Reason: Medium blocks the impeller hole because the pump parking time is too long. Impeller rotation cannot produce enough centrifugal force because large granules block the impeller hole. Solution: dismantling the feeding pipe and front protection plate of the pump, then cleaning the impeller hole.

(2) How to solve the motor fault of submerged slurry pump?

Use hand jigger to start the motor, or replace the motor.

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